Thursday, September 23, 2004

Golfing for Jesus: Christian Evangelism and Church Outreach Ideas for Golfers

Using golf as an evangelism tool -Reach non-Christians and unchurched Christians while having fun playing golf!

A Great Tool For:
Businesses, Churches, Christian Organizations & Individual Golf Lovers

Tools for Evangelism:

  1. Imprinted Golf Balls: (1) Print your church logo with your phone number; (2) Print a cross with "Romans 6:23" and "Look it up!"; (3) Print a cross with "If found, say a prayer!"; (4) Print "Finding Jesus is more important than finding a golf ball"; (4) Print a variety of different Bible verses
  2. Imprinted Golf Tees or Tee Packs : (1) Imprint your church or business name; (2) Print a Bible Verse such as John 3:16
  3. Imprinted Golf Towels: (1) Imprint your logo; (2) Imprint a large cross that can be seen from a distance; (3) Imprint "What can wipe away our sins? Grace through Jesus"
  4. Imprinted Golf or Duffle Bags: (1) Imprint a large cross; (2) Print "Golfing for Jesus"; (3) Print your logo; (4) Print "Stuck in Life's Sandtrap? Call on Jesus."
  5. Imprinted Can Holders: (1) Imprint a cross; (2) Imprint your logo; (3) Print "Thirsty? Ask me about 'Living Water.'" (great opener); (4) Print "Who is Jesus to you?" (great conversation starter)
  6. Imprinted Bottled Water: (same as above); (1) Print "Jesus is Living Water for Those Who Thirst." (Chill and take to golf course)
  7. Imprinted Coolers: (1) Print your logo; (2) Print "Jesus: Refreshes The Soul"; (3) Print "The Bible: Food for the Soul"
  8. Imprinted Golf Caps and Apparel: (1) Print your church or company logo; (2) Print "Got Spirit?"; (3) Print a cross

Event/Distribution Ideas:

  • Golf Outing: For Christian Bible Study Groups (men or women): Plan a golf outing at a busy course on a busy day. Purchase golf balls, golf tees and other golf items to take out to the course. Give them away to the other golfers.
  • Golf Tournament: Participate in a local golf tournament. Give away Christian-themed merchandise to the other golfers.
  • Everyday Golfing: Buy a full set of Christian-themed golf merchandise for you, your friends and family. Use it every time you go to the course to share the Good News.
  • Golf Scramble: Have a church-wide golf scramble at a local course and invite people at nearby neighborhoods to attend as well. Have members invite their unchurched friends. Pass out information about your church as well as fun promotional items with the plan of salvation on it.
  • Putt Putt Golf Extravaganza: (Great for Youth Groups and children's birthday parties!) Rent out the local putt putt golf course. Invite your unchurched friends from school. Put together gift packs for everyone who attends, with Christian-themed merchandise (a cap, a golf ball, a can cooler) and evangelism tracts to those who attend. Invite them to visit church with you.

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May God bless your outreach and evangelism efforts!

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