Friday, September 24, 2004

Autumn Christian Evangelism and Outreach Ideas

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Use an autumn theme to reach non-Christians and unchurched Christians.

A Great Tool For:
Businesses, Churches, Christian Organizations, Schools & Individuals

Autumn-Inspired Evangelism Ideas:

Fall is a great time of year for evangelism! Teens and adults are experiencing exciting changes and are more receptive to trying something new. At Christian Imprints, we've gathered together some clever ways you can use this season to share the love of Christ with others:

- Welcome your new neighbors!

Did you know that most moves occur in the late summer or fall? It's a great time to invite your new neighbors to church! If you're a church or business, consider buying a "new mover" list and sending mailers/postcards (or use doorhangers) and custom imprinted products (such as a magnet, pen or 2005 calendar) to new movers in your area.

- Sports seasons are in high-gear!

Football season has started. Basketball is coming soon. Hockey will soon begin. Sporting events are great opportunities to make new friends and invite them to church (and spark a conversation about Christ). Consider giving away church logo-imprinted sponge footballs at high school football games; can koolies at basketball games; cool Christian-themed T-shirts (something subtle like "got Spirit?") at soccer games.

- Students head back to school!

If you're a high school or college student, consider inviting your friends to church or to a Bible study. Design your own groovy Christian-themed gear (backpacks, T-shirts, thermoses, notebooks) and sell them as a fundraiser for your youth group. Pass out Christian-themed chocolates to your fellow classmates.

- Gardeners plant fall plants and bulbs.

Get your church members excited about evangelizing! Pass out bulbs or seed packets at church to accompany a sermon on "sowing seeds" of faith in nonbelievers.

To take this a step further, have church members take several packets of seeds. Instruct them to pass out the seeds to nonbelievers they know over the next week with a flyer/tract explaining that the Holy Spirit plants a seed in each of our hearts, letting us know that God exists and wants a relationship with us through His Son Jesus. Insert a closing statement of "The Holy Spirit has planted the seeds of faith in your heart. For them to grow, you need the "living water" -- Jesus Christ. How? Come learn more about this "living water" and how you can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by visiting __________[church name]." (You can even schedule a special evangelism sermon on "living water" and print the date of the sermon on the seed packet flyer/tract.)

This concept works well for businesses and individuals as well. Simply pass out seed packets to your customers, friends, family and neighbors with a tract you create yourself (or let us help you!)...and watch your own relationship with Christ grow!

- TV's Fall Season Begins.

Have a favorite TV show? Invite some Christian and non-Christian friends over for a TV watching party (e.g. Monday night football, a sitcom like "Everybody Loves Raymond"). Incorporate a quick prayer in your evening. Pass out a party favor, like a football schedule magnet for your favorite team along with a Bible verse, such as John 3:16 (explain why there's often someone in the bleachers with a "John 3:16" sign) .

- Fall leaves start turning.

If you live in a cooler climate in the U.S., you will soon see gorgeous shades of red, orange and yellow highlighting your trees (I'm in Florida, so you'll have to admire them for me!). Use the "turning over a new leaf" theme to share the love of Christ. How? Print up T-shirts that say "This fall, turn over a new leaf...through Jesus". Or, print "Turn over a new leaf" on the front of your shirt and "Follow Jesus" on the back of the shirt printed over an image of a leaf.

- Fall festivals begin.

Hay rides. Apple cider. Corn mazes. Pumpkin carving. Craft shows. Have a blast this fall by hosting a fall festival. Churches and Christian-owned businesses can attract new visitors by hosting a family-oriented event. Send out postcards/mailers to advertise your event. Call on church members and friends to invite non-Members. Put a large banner in front of your building. Advertise on the radio. Let everyone know about the fun! Don't forget to have "goody bags" for all visitors, including a brochure about your church/business with the plan of salvation, a magnet with your logo, phone number and location and a fun item, such as an imprinted ball, flashlight, pen or mini-memo board (less than $1 each).

Here are some custom imprinted products you may want to use in your Autumn outreach and evangelism activities. Print it with YOUR custom imprint or use one of our stock designs:

Do you have other ideas on how to make Autumn a powerful season for Christian outreach and evangelism? E-mail us at We'd love to hear your ideas!

You can purchase all of the custom merchandise suggested above through our catalog at Simply click on the "all products" catalog to access our full list of product categories.

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May God bless your outreach and evangelism efforts!

Love in Christ,

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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Golfing for Jesus: Christian Evangelism and Church Outreach Ideas for Golfers

Using golf as an evangelism tool -Reach non-Christians and unchurched Christians while having fun playing golf!

A Great Tool For:
Businesses, Churches, Christian Organizations & Individual Golf Lovers

Tools for Evangelism:

  1. Imprinted Golf Balls: (1) Print your church logo with your phone number; (2) Print a cross with "Romans 6:23" and "Look it up!"; (3) Print a cross with "If found, say a prayer!"; (4) Print "Finding Jesus is more important than finding a golf ball"; (4) Print a variety of different Bible verses
  2. Imprinted Golf Tees or Tee Packs : (1) Imprint your church or business name; (2) Print a Bible Verse such as John 3:16
  3. Imprinted Golf Towels: (1) Imprint your logo; (2) Imprint a large cross that can be seen from a distance; (3) Imprint "What can wipe away our sins? Grace through Jesus"
  4. Imprinted Golf or Duffle Bags: (1) Imprint a large cross; (2) Print "Golfing for Jesus"; (3) Print your logo; (4) Print "Stuck in Life's Sandtrap? Call on Jesus."
  5. Imprinted Can Holders: (1) Imprint a cross; (2) Imprint your logo; (3) Print "Thirsty? Ask me about 'Living Water.'" (great opener); (4) Print "Who is Jesus to you?" (great conversation starter)
  6. Imprinted Bottled Water: (same as above); (1) Print "Jesus is Living Water for Those Who Thirst." (Chill and take to golf course)
  7. Imprinted Coolers: (1) Print your logo; (2) Print "Jesus: Refreshes The Soul"; (3) Print "The Bible: Food for the Soul"
  8. Imprinted Golf Caps and Apparel: (1) Print your church or company logo; (2) Print "Got Spirit?"; (3) Print a cross

Event/Distribution Ideas:

  • Golf Outing: For Christian Bible Study Groups (men or women): Plan a golf outing at a busy course on a busy day. Purchase golf balls, golf tees and other golf items to take out to the course. Give them away to the other golfers.
  • Golf Tournament: Participate in a local golf tournament. Give away Christian-themed merchandise to the other golfers.
  • Everyday Golfing: Buy a full set of Christian-themed golf merchandise for you, your friends and family. Use it every time you go to the course to share the Good News.
  • Golf Scramble: Have a church-wide golf scramble at a local course and invite people at nearby neighborhoods to attend as well. Have members invite their unchurched friends. Pass out information about your church as well as fun promotional items with the plan of salvation on it.
  • Putt Putt Golf Extravaganza: (Great for Youth Groups and children's birthday parties!) Rent out the local putt putt golf course. Invite your unchurched friends from school. Put together gift packs for everyone who attends, with Christian-themed merchandise (a cap, a golf ball, a can cooler) and evangelism tracts to those who attend. Invite them to visit church with you.

Do you have other ideas on how to make golf a powerful evangelism tool? E-mail us at We'd love to hear your ideas!

You can purchase all of the custom merchandise suggested above through our golf catalog at Simply click on the golf catalog to see over 400 products dedicated to golf.

Don't forget: We have over 60,000 products in our online catalog. Simply use the search box on our home page to find what you need or call us at (800) 817-5054 for assistance.

May God bless your outreach and evangelism efforts!

Love in Christ,


Editor, Christian Outreach & Evangelism Ideas
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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Sharing Christ on Your Web Site

"You are light for the world. A city cannot be hidden when it is located on a hill. No one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket. Instead, everyone who lights a lamp puts it on a lamp stand. Then its light shines on everyone in the house. In the same way let your light shine in front of people. Then they will see the good that you do and praise your Father in heaven." (Matthew 5:14-16, GW)

You are a light in the darkness of the world - not just at church but everywhere you go. When we fully ponder the implications of Christ's words, the ramifications are astounding. He's suggesting that we should let his love shine through us and share our faith at every possible opportunity.

Have you considered adding a statement of faith or "steps to becoming a Christian" on your web site? Whether you're a church, business or individual Christian, take a moment to pray about adding witnessing verbiage to your site. Perhaps you believe your site is only visited by Christians. The reality is that you may receive hundreds, perhaps many thousands of hits from individuals who know little about Christ. Seize this amazing opportunity to tell others what it means to be a Christian and how they can become one.

An Effective Way to Evangelize Online:
Share Your Personal Testimony

If you already have a web site, simply consider adding a page (with even a banner on the main page) that outlines what you believe (AKA your testimonial) and how someone can become a Christian as well. Important: Your personal testimony is the most non-threatening way you can introduce Christ to someone else. Don't feel intimidated. Writing your testimony is a snap. Simply answer these questions in your own words:

1. Who are you? (tell a little about your background, what you like & who you are so people can relate to you)

2. What made you interested in becoming a Christian? (even if you were raised in a Christian home, think back to what interested you in Christ - a family role model, a Sunday School lesson, scripture verses at the dinner table) Did you lead a rough life before becoming a Christian? (help others understand God's grace in your life)

3. When did you become a Christian? Who led you to Christ? What was the experience like? (calm the fears someone may have) Where were you?

4. What has it been like to be a Christian? (it's OK to say you've had ups & downs) How has following Jesus changed your life? How have you felt God's presence in your life?

5. Would you make a decision to become a Christian again? Why? (perhaps this seems obvious to you, but it isn't to everyone else! Share why this was the best decision of your life.)

That's it. You don't have to have a dramatic, jaw-dropping story to change someone's life. You're there to share your story with others. As they feel a connection to what you're saying, the Holy Spirit will move in their hearts.

Important: Tell them what to do if they want to become a Christian. That's next in this article.

Helping Others Make a Decision

Frankly, a lot of people really don't know what it means to "accept Christ" and "follow Him." These are church terms that are foreign to non-Christians. Here are some great resources to link to (or you can paraphrase) to help lead someone through the steps to become a Christian:

  • Share with Friends - (created by one of our team members at Christian Imprints / Square 1 Marketing) Step-by-step online guide for anyone to understand who God is, why He sent Christ to die for our sins and how to become a Christian.
    >> Main Site:
    >> Free Online Workbook:
  • Billy Graham Organization's Steps to Peace - Easy-to-understand description of how to become a Christian; also includes links for spiritual help on topics such as Christianity, crisis situations, relationships and more.
    >> Link to:
  • Living Waters: Are you a good person test - A question-and-answer approach using the 1- commandments to explain our separation from God.
    >> Link to:
  • Southern Baptist Convention: How to become a Christian - Straightforward explanation; similar to Billy Graham's site.
    >> Link to:
  • DigiTracts: The Roman Road - Uses the timeless Christian illustration of a Roman Road (the Book of Romans) to lead someone on the "path" to Christ.
    >> Link to:
Additional Help

The team at Christian Imprints is particularly fond of the Web Evangelism Bulletin published by GospelCom.Net. It's a bi-monthly e-mail newsletter.

Check it out at:

And, feel free to contact us with questions about how to implement a Christian evangelism on your web site by e-mailing us at We're here to help!

Love in Christ,

Editor, Christian Outreach & Evangelism Ideas
Christian Imprints, a division of Square 1 Marketing, LLC
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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Square 1 Marketing launches Christian Imprints Division

After considerable prayer, Square 1 Marketing has decided to launch a new division dedicated to Christian Imprints.

Why are we doing this?

"Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest." (Luke 10:2, KJV)

We believe that God has called us to help other Christians and churches share the love of Jesus Christ with others.

What custom products can Christian Imprints create?

As an established promotional products distributor, we sell nearly any product under the sun (over 60,000 products). We can add your custom artwork, logo or saying to the product to make it a true one-of-a-kind. Creating your own custom Christian products is easier and less expensive than you might think. From key chains to mugs to aprons or even dog leashes, you can send a powerful Christian message through everyday products.

What makes these effective evangelism tools?

Promotional products are fun and non-threatening to non-Christians. They're easy to give away, satisfy tangible needs and are appreciated by recipients. More than a tract, promotional products with a Christian imprint are less likely to be thrown away.

Should you use these customized tools?

Has God been prompting you to expand your evangelism efforts? Are you looking for a fresh new way to share Christ?

We encourage you to pray about this to see if God is leading you to share the Gospel in this manner. Also, please pray that He will help you find the right distributor to use. You may choose us or someone else. Either way, we want to see you succeed in furthering God's will.

Who can buy these tools?

Whether you're a church, an individual Christian or a Christian organization, you'll find great products to meet your evangelism needs. Our owners are non-denominational Christians and, as such, we serve all Christian denominations, from Baptists to Catholics to Presbyterians to Assemblies of God and everything along the way! For a complete statement of faith (what we believe), visit our web site at

Where can you shop for them?

Our store is exclusively online. Why? This cuts out any overhead needed to maintain a physical store and inventory, which ultimately makes our prices lower to you. You can order online through our secure portal or you can call us toll-free at 800-817-5054. We are a family-owned and operated business and we look forward to serving you.

How do you come up with the product and imprint?

Our team can help you select the right product and imprint. If you already have your own artwork, logo or saying, we'll get it ready for print -- FREE with purchase. If you need us to brainstorm product ideas with you, we'll do that as well and even design the artwork for you -- also FREE with purchase.

What are some examples of how people use these tools?

  • A church purchases T-shirts that say "He changed my life" to use as evangelism conversation starters.
  • An individual purchases coffee mugs with "Jesus loves you" imprint to give away as Christmas gifts.
  • A church group purchases bottled water with custom labels marked "Living Water?" with the church logo and a printed explanation that, although water quenches our thirst, Christ is the Living Water that quenches our soul (along with the scripture verse).
  • A youth group purchases "John 3:16" imprinted chocolates to hand out to their Christian and non-Christian friends.
  • A Christian non-profit organization buys customized aprons and cookbooks with their logo to sell as a fundraiser.
  • A church starts a bookstore stocked with custom merchandise.
  • A Christian school stocks their bookstore with custom merchandise.
  • A mother and father have their children design inspirational Christmas cards and have them printed by Christian Imprints.
  • A Christian business person buys flashlights printed with "Jesus is the light of the world" and passes them out to people in the airport while waiting to catch a plane.
  • A real estate agent buys Christian calendars with her business card attached and John 3:16 printed at the bottom of her card.
  • A Christian business owner buys caps for all his employees that say "There's a reason they call the Bible 'The Good Book.'"

How can you get more great ideas?

Subscribe to our blog and receive lots of great evangelism ideas. Have some great evangelism ideas to share? Send them to us! We'll share them through our web log. Please note that we do respectfully request that other competing distributors not take our ideas and re-sell them. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide.

If you're ready to design your own products, give us a call at 1-800-817-5054 or visit us online at We look forward to serving you!

Love in Christ,
The Christian Imprints Team,
Square 1 Marketing, LLC